How To Plan A Memorable Funeral Service

Posted on: 21 May 2015

If you are planning funeral services for a loved one, there are several important things to consider. You are honoring the deceased person, of course. In addition, this is a time to comfort those who have been left behind and to let them say farewell. In a way, it's a step toward going forward with life again. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan something sweet and memorable.

A Display - There's something very special about seeing concrete objects that tell of the deceased person's life. A display of pictures from the time of birth through childhood and on through the years to the present time is a perfect way to tell a visual story. Also, gather memorabilia from the deceased's hobbies and other interests. Did your loved one love sports? If so, display banners from favorite teams, trophies, balls and other things that depict the sports in which he or she participated. If the person who has passed away was an artist, it would be especially lovely to display art work and the tools that were used to create it.

The Service - There are many ways to honor the deceased person's life through words. Of course, those who were close to the person who has passed away might want to share memories of days gone by. Select somebody close to the person who can give a life story, including accomplishments. Don't forget to include amusing stories and philosophies that you believe your loved one would want others to know about.

The Music - If your loved one was a practicing Christian, consider selecting traditional hymns like How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace and Holy, Holy, Holy. If the deceased person was a patriot, consider songs like The Battle Hymn Of The Republic, America, and This Land Is Your Land. Songs from your loved one's culture would be lovely too. A mariachi band performing any songs would be thrilling. Another choice is to have classical music played on the piano or the violin or a duet or trio of instruments.

A Time To Visit - A funeral home, like Krowicki Gorny Memorial Home, will usually work with you to have a time for friends and family to visit after the funeral services. If you want an entire meal, consider having it catered, or plan for friends to bring food to be shared. However, serving simple refreshments like punch and cookies would be sufficient. After all, the whole point of this event is for you to all be together to fellowship.

Good luck as you plan a special service for somebody you hold dear.